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Finest quality paddy is procured from the selected fields from various parts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Sufficient paddy stock is maintained for round the year processing. After paddy is sourced, it is dried and stored in a ventilated godown. First process begins with removal of all foreign materials such as straw, weed seeds, soil by using Fowler Westrup machinery.

We have installed modern machineries for soaking, parboiling / steaming along with dryers. The process is accomplished in three steps: soaking, steaming and drying. Once dried, the paddy is ready for processing. Proper drying results in prevention of deterioration in quality and increased storage life of the grains. After drying, the paddy is subjected to the primary milling operation. Milling is the process wherein the raw paddy is transformed into a form suitable for human consumption. Paddy to rice conversion i.e., shelling, hulling, polishing and grading is done by modern Milltec machine.

This rice grading system separates the different qualities of processed rice, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology we posses. Our rice colour sorter rejects foreign materials, black rice and other impurities from the processed rice. It grades the rice based on colour, thickness and length. Now the finest quality rice is ready for packing. We use accurate and automated packaging machines for weighing the finished rice, put them into best quality bags, then seal the bag to make a package for easy transportation and storage. Now the product is ready to serve you in your kitchens. We have company owned vehicles for distributing it to the distributors and shops.