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Tamilnadu Rajabogam BPT

This paddy is sourced from the rich and fertile soils of Chidhambaram, Avudayarkovil and certain regions of Tanjore in Tamilnadu. This is medium grain rice - a thin and popular rice variety; smaller than Karnataka Rajabogam rice. Every meal you serve is a real celebration. It delivers rich flavours to the rice dishes. Its exquisite white luster (thumbai poo white) will lure your family to the dining table. When cooked, this rice becomes soft, separates and expands lengthwise in smaller level. Cooked rice looks like pure white jasmine flower and is loved even by children. This rice is suitable for preparing a variety of rice dishes. This is a 1 year old aged rice available in 75, 25, 10 kg packings. Even new rice can be purchased and stored upto one year.